Baptist Young Peoples auxiliary (BYPA)

From Christian Endeavour in 1900's To Baptist Young Peoples’ Auxiliary in 1938

In 1900 Rev. Bruce Etherington was the Missionary of Kandy and Rev J. Samuel Perera was the Pastor of the Kandy Baptist Church.

Both of them started the Christian Endeavour in conducting the meetings once a fortnight .

In 1910 Rev. R.O. Price the Pastor of the Cinnamon Gardens Church , who himself was a bachelor started a Christian Endeavour in his church .

In 1931 at the August Sessions held in Moratuwa the Baptist Youth League was formed with Mr R. W. Perera of Moratuwa as the President.

On Saturday 19th March 1938 a young peoples’ conference was convened by Mr Cecil E . Belleth and Mr P. F. Oswald Silva, the joint Secretaries of the Baptist Young Peoples’ working Committee held in the Ferguson Memorial hall in the Cinnamon Gardens Church premises at 3.30 pm .

There were youth representatives from C.G.B.C, Grandpass, Nugegoda , Gonawela , Kotikawatta, Matale ,Biyanwila, Colpetty , Makwita , Hendala , and the staff and the senior students of the B.M.S. Girls’ school Colombo.

The draft constitution of the Department was discussed, and accepted with necessary amendments .

That day it was decided to call the new Department ‘ The Baptist Young Peoples’ Auxiliary in Ceylon

(Note :- Text extracted from ' History of Baptist Churches & The Auxiliaries Book')

Each Baptist church in Sri Lanka typically has its own BYPA.BYPA provides a platform for young believers to connect, learn, and serve together. These local groups engage in youth-oriented programs, evangelism, and social initiatives. The BYPA encourages young people to take on leadership roles within their churches and communities.

The BYPA actively participates in community outreach, disaster relief efforts, and social awareness campaigns. It aims to make a positive impact on society through the collective efforts of young believers.

Remember that the BYPA is a vibrant community where young people can grow spiritually, build friendships, and serve others.

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