Baptist Women's League (BWL)

On19th February 1916 the Baptist Women’s League (BWL) was formed during a gathering of European Missionaries and Ceylonese ladies from the Cinnamon Gardens Baptist church, Kotikawatte, Hendala, Grandpass, Biyanwila, and Moratuwa Baptist Churches at the newly built Waldock Memorial Hall in the Carey College premises Colombo.
The first ministry of the BWL was launched by the women Bible teachers and Evangelists.

They went from house to house in the villages and in the slums in Colombo, reaching out to the poor women, teaching them about cleanliness , good habits ,good conduct , to read and write, and there by sharing the love of Jesus with them and praying with them.
From 1926 they held Women’s Conferences twice a year which included worship , Bible studies , discussions , handicraft workshops and participate in singing and drama .

The BWL has from time to time provided relief to victims of war , floods, Tsunami, and other natural disasters .They have also conducted Eye and medical clinics in many areas. After the Tsunami in 2004 the BWL launched a long term programme in Weligama and Telwatte Ampegama with the assistance of the Hong Kong Baptist Church, the International Women’s Missionary Movement , and Baptist Aid Australia .The victims received self employment training and children were given additional classes to assist them in their studies

(Note :- Text extracted from 'History of Baptist Churches & The Auxiliaries Book')

Presently there is a Women's Fellowship (BWL) in each and every church. Regular events and activities include Special Family Programmes, Fund raising events, Special BWL Sunday, Residential camp, Leadership programmes and Bible Olympics . The BWL has a rich history of service and continues to impact lives in Sri Lanka and continues to serve the community and promote spiritual growth among women.

BWL camp - Member churches1

At the Annual BWL camp

BWL Centenary Walk 1916 - 2016

BWL Centenary Walk in 2016

Food Stall - Fund Raising Project

A Fund Raising Project

Women's Workshop at Ratnapura

A Workshop at Ratnapura

BWL Annual 3 Day Camp

BWL Annual Camp - Group Photo

Opening Ceremony - Centenary Meeting

Centenary Celebrations