Baptist Sunday Schools

The Baptist Sunday Schools have existed in Ceylon from it’s inception 200 years ago. The founder Missionaries Rev.James & Mrs Ann Chater started the first Sunday School in 1816 at.the Pettah Church.
Then when Rev Ebenazer & Mrs Maria Daniel and three daughters arrived in the Island in 1830, they started Sunday Schools in all three languages ,English ,Sinhalese, and Portuguese.

In 1908 the International Sunday School lessons were adapted. The Ceylon Sunday Schools started to use the India Sunday School lessons and their examination papers after that.

(Note :- Text extracted from History of Baptist Churches & The Auxiliaries Book')

The Sunday School is acknowledged to be the Nursery of the Church. So the future welfare of the Church is largely depended on the success of it’s Sunday School. Therefore the Church assigns very high priority and responsibility to uphold the work of Sunday Schools.

Each Baptist church in Sri Lanka typically has its own Sunday School program. Children learn stories from the Bible, memorize verses, and understand Christian principles. They participate in worship songs and hymns , Creative projects related to biblical themes , Christmas programs, Easter celebrations, and other events.

The Baptist Sunday School system helps children build a strong foundation of faith. It fosters a sense of community, friendship, and belonging among young believers.

Remember that the Baptist Sunday School system provides a nurturing environment where children can grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.

Sunday School Teachers 1

Games Time - Chavakachcheri Church

Sunday School -1

Teachers Training - Kilinochchi Church

Sunday School Teacher Training Biyanwila - Kadawatha

Teachers Training - Biyanwila Church

Sunday School Teachers 1

Teachers Training - Chavakachcheri Church

Sunday School Teachers 3

All Island Winners - Environmental week

Sunday School Camp 2

Annual Residential Sunday school camp - 2023

Sunday School Teachers Chavakachcheri

Teachers Training - Chavakachcheri Church

Sunday School Teachers Beligodapitiya

Annual Trip to Beligodapitiya Church from Hendala

Sunday School Teachers Beligodapitiya

Annual Trip of Ampegama Mission Point