Measure Internet or WiFi Connection Speed

The Need For Speed Tool

As a church , the purpose of devloping this Internet access speed test tool is to help & plan our Zoom platform based meetings.

However it can be a handy tool to check the speed and performance of your own internet connection.

For this purpose we use the Open Speed Test widget which was first introduced in 2011.

This free service by 'OpenSpeedTest' provides analysis of Internet access performance metrics, such as connection data rate and Latency.

You may have Fiber, Cable, DSL, Mobile Broadband, Satellite, Dial-up connection to your PC or Smart Phone. You will be able to accurately measure your connection speed anytime, anywhere on any device using this tool.

Privacy policy of 'OpenSpeedTest' is here. You are also welcome to read our disclaimer too.

  • Result Interpretation Guide
  • PING and JITTER : Lower the Number its better.

    PING : 100ms is Average, 50ms or less ideal for Online Gaming. Below 20ms is Excellent.

    JITTER : Acceptable level below 30 ms.

    Higher the Number its better. Average value depends on the connection type : Eg. Wired , Wireless , Broandband , Fiber etc

    0–5Mbps :- Very slow ,You can:- Send emails, search on Google, stream video in SD on one device .

    5–40Mbps :- Slow to moderate ,You can :- Stream video in HD on three or four devices, play online games .

    40–100Mbps :- Moderate to fast ,You can :- Stream easily on multiple devices in HD or 4K, download big files quickly, run several smart devices.

    Source is : High Speed Internet


    This is a HTML5-based test, which is generally considered more accurate than those using Java or Adobe Flash.

    Remember that speed test results represent a snapshot of your internet speed at that moment.

    Consider using additional tools to assess uptime, jitter, and packet loss for a more comprehensive view of network quality.

    Suggest that you Monitor internet quality over time to identify patterns and trends.