Fruitful Life of Baptist Priests & Workers

The list provided below as Gratitude to them.

The service provided by Baptist priests and workers is immeasurable and noteworthy.
They had undergone many hardships during their times mainly during early years. They labored in order that the generations to come may be blessed and reap what they sowed.
This list may contain errors and omissions which covers over Two Centuries.

The purpose of compiling this list is to be thank God for their lives, their families and also remember about the present Baptist priests, workers & families during your prayers.

(Note :- Text extracted from ' Biographies of Baptist Priests and Workers Book')

Rev. J. D. D. Perera.

52. Rev. Jayasuriya D. Daniel Perera

PHOTO :Cyril, Arthur (Arty ) Edward, George ( Joe) and Lionel with their mother.
Rev. Perera was the elder son of Mr Jayasuriya and Selesthina. He had a younger brother Rev. J. R. Perera who was also ordained as a Pastor.

Rev. K. A. Perera

80. Rev. Kanatthage Abraham Perera

Born on 9th December 1881 to Buddhist parents living in Thalangama. On 14th September 1913 Mr K.A,Perera married Nancy Silva daughter of Charles Silva Appuhamy and Leeba Nona of Kiribathgoda.

Rev. H. M. U. B. Welegedera

82. H. M. Ukku Banda Welagedera

PHOTO: Standing – Wilmot, Wijeratne, Heen, John Tennekoon, Rani, Lakshman, Winitha, Rev Stephen. D. B. and Ananda Ranasinghe.Seated – Ungi with Sita,Nanda with baby Abheeksha, Pearl , Yaso Rev & Mrs. H.M.U.B.Welagedera , Mabel, Leela , Padmi ,with Ruby.Seated on the ground—Hemamalee, Asiri, Nimalka, Malkanthi, Asantha,Lanil, Ajantha.
He was born on 24th January 1883 to Appuhamy and Muthu Menike who lived in Rathukoho Village in Haris Patthuwa, Udugampola in the Central Province.

Rev. N. H. P. de Silva

83. Rev. Naiduwa Henry Peter de Silva

He was born in 1891 to Buddhist parents in Ambalangoda. Ambalangoda was a strong Buddhist area and was against the spreading of Christianity.
It is said that on every Good Friday, the Buddhist people in the the village used to organize a procession passing the Roman Catholic Church ridiculing Jesus Christ.Henry Peter too had participated in the processions.

Evan.  K. B. S. Ekanayake

84. Evan. Kiri Banda Solomon Ekanayake

PHOTO :Standing – Harriet, Lionel, Susan.Seated – Muriel, Evan K.B., Mrs Jane Ekenayake with baby Dorathy ,and Leena.
He and his brother Mr. A. Tikiri Banda Rajaguru hailed from the village Ranawana, Katugasthota in the Kandy district. Their parents and their other siblings were Buddhists.

Rev. F. A. Peiris

86.Wettasinghe Appuhamylage Francis Aloysius Peiris

PHOTO : 60th Birthday of Rev. Peries - 1955. He was the younger son of Rev. W Alexander Peiris of Kerawelapitiya and Ranawake Achchige Mary de Alwis of Elakanda. He was born on 30th August 1895 in Hendala.

Rev. F. A. Peiris

90. Rev. R. W. Perera

Ranasinghege William Perera was born in May 1896 in the village of Dompe to Buddhist parents. According to his horoscope he was going to be a Buddhist Priest but his Saviour’s plans were different. After completing his studies in the village school he was employed at the Government Press Borella. When he was travelling to and from Borella, he noticed the Kotikawatte Baptist Church. He observed a lot of activity happening in the church with services and meetings. He was curious to know what was happening there.

Rev. F. A. Peiris

93. Evan T. G. Somawardena

PHOTO : Standing – a maid, Raja, Benny, Wilfred, Sena, Alahakoon wih Srilal, Roland, Lionel,Gilbert a maid Seated – Manika, Daisy, Turin, Flora, Evan & Mrs Somawardena, Priscila,, Ellen, Nanda / Children – Nimal, Senerath, Indrani, Rani, Irangani, Kalani, Ranjith, Ananda, Latha Kanthi. Mr T. G. Somawardena joined the Baptist Missionary Schools in 1920. He was an Evangelist cum Head Master of the B. M. S. Vernacular Schools.

Rev. F. A. Peiris

95.Rev. W. M.P. Jayatunga

PHOTO: Standing – Rev. Wilmot, Lucille, Shirley, Mrs Belle. – Seated Joan, George , Jean & Mignone . Wilmot Mackinlay Perera Jayatunga was born on 14th September 1902 to Rev. James William Perera Jayatunga and Mrs. Agnes Patranella Dias Abeysinghe when they were stationed in Gonawela.