The Logo of the web site

Internet Ministry Logo of Hendala Baptist Church

The logo represents the Internet Ministry of HBC & described as 'Baptist Church Sri Lanka'(BCSL) and coded on the Internet as

The story behind the logo is given below

Foreground image :- White Cross with Red Colour border

Red - Blood of Jesus , White - Purity or saved from Sin, Border - Protection all around

Background image :- Bright Colourful leaves which are interconnected / overlapping

Colourful :-

1. Tried to include the 7 colors of the Rainbow – which is an important symbol of God's presence, power and protection , also its a symbol used by God for communication. Genesis (9:11–17) | Reason : BCSL is using the Internet as a medium of communication.

2. Make an effort to include the colours from the Sri lanka National Flag | Reason : To represent Baptists community using different languages with-in SriLanka.

3. As BCSL is an Internet based ministry, tried to include colours from the logo of Internet Giant Google.
|Reason : Obvious

4. Overlapping / Interconnected | Reason : Interconnecting different people, communities, Islands, Continents of the world through the Internet Ministry.

5. Fits into our Tag Line Building Faith , Sharing Love (in Local Language : විශ්වාසය ගොඩනැගීම, ප්‍රේමය බෙදාගැනීම)