The Logo of the web site

Internet Ministry Logo of Hendala Baptist Church

The logo represents the Internet Ministry of HBC & described as 'Baptist Church Sri Lanka (BISL)' coded on the Internet as

The project commenced in 2016 and approved by HBC in 2017, and by 2023 there was a need for a new logo to better identify its direction. Particularly the commencement of our Instagram page.

The Motto of the project is ‘Go into the World and preach the Gospel to every creature’ [Matthew 23:19 & Mark 16:15]

The story behind the logo is given below

			Foreground image :- White Cross with Red Colour border
			Red - Blood of Jesus
			White - Purity or saved from Sin
			Border - Protection all around

			Background image :- Bright Colourful leaves which are interconnected / overlapping

			Colourful :- 
			1. Tried to include the 7 colors of the Rainbow – which is an important symbol of 
			   God's presence, power and protection , also its a symbol 
			   used by God for communication. Genesis (9:11–17) 
			   BCSL is using the Internet as a medium of communication.
2. Tried to include the colours from the Sri lanka National Flag adopted to represent Baptists using different languages with-in SriLanka.
3. As BCSL is an Internet based ministry, tried to include colours from the logo of Internet Giant Google.
Overlapping / Interconnected :- Interconnecting different people, communities, Islands, Continents through the Internet Ministry.
Fits into our Tag Line Building Faith , Sharing Love (in Local Language : විශ්වාසය ගොඩනැගීම, ප්‍රේමය බෙදාගැනීම) More....