An Introduction:

William CareyThe Baptist ministry in Srilanka began in 1812, with the arrival of Rev. James Charter a missionary from the Baptist Missionary Society of the United Kingdom, a colleague of the legendary pioneer of the modern missionary movement Rev. William Carey.

During early days church planting & evangelism of Ceylonese was done by the missionaries of Baptist Missionary Society with its headquarters in United Kingdom.

The first Baptist church was established in Grandpass, Colombo and expanded to other areas of the Western, North Western, and Central regions of the island. In 1887 Srilanka Baptist Mission was founded and worked alongside the Baptist Missionary Society.

In 1894 the Ceylon Baptist Union was formed.In 1924 the Baptist Missionary Society took a decision to gradually withdraw financial support and personnel from Srilanka. This marked the movement by which local leadership began to assert itself and the Baptist community became self-supporting and took on a more truly Srilankan image. This gave birth to the Ceylon Baptist Union representing the local Baptist congregations.

In 1944 the Srilanka Baptist Mission and Ceylon Baptist Union were amalgamated to form the Ceylon Baptist Council which was renamed in 1957 as Srilanka Baptist Sangamaya (SLBS).The Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya is the union of Baptist churches of Sri Lanka known at times in other parts of the world as a convention. SLBS was incorporated by act of parliament in 1944 and act revised in 1991. ( 54/1944 & 14/1991). In 2012 SLBS celebrated its 200th anniversary since its beginnings in 1812.Presently there are 32 churches and mission points at different locations in Srilanka.

Our Church Network in Srilanka is big enough to accommodate you, small enough to know you and brimming with love to accept you. Jesus loves you, we also do. You are welcome at any Baptist Church.

Information Source :- Wikipedia report as at 29th June 2017 Re.SLBS

Baptist Headquarters Colombo

Grandpass Baptist Church - 1st Baptist Church in Srilanka

Grandpass Baptist Church

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Preach the Word - Reach the World.

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srilanka Baptist sangamaya vision statement


Evaluate organize and to expand all Baptist activities and to establish the kingdom of God (be witnesses of the world) according to Biblical principals. .

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srilanka Baptist sangamaya mission statement


To preach and teach the word of God according to Biblical principals.

To buildup and help to grow the unity of the Baptist churches in Srilanka.

To share the resources of the Baptist churches with each other.

To come to a common understanding and agreement on common, important issues pertaining to Baptist churches.

To have a common program to help uplift the spiritual and social well being.

To protect and develop all assets belonging to Baptist church a registered church in Srilanka.

To have an understanding to work together with all other Christian churches and organizations.

To work united with all Baptist churches in the world and all Christian churches and institutions.

To cooperate and work with other religious organizations.