About Hendala Baptist Church

Brief Introduction :

Hendala is a semi urban area between the Colombo city and Colombo – Katunayake International Airport and is 12km from Colombo city & 23km from International Airport.

Hendala Baptist church is situated at a turn from the main Colombo – Airport road and proceeding on Hendala road approximately 1km and turning off right at Kerawalapitiya junction and proceeding 200 meters to reach the church (Refer Google Road map).

The population in the area is cosmopolitan with Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burghers living harmoniously over the years.

The residents are mainly Catholic dominated and other Buddhist, Hindus & Muslims.

Church membersThe Hendala Baptist Church has a long history with its roots going down to 1812 when missionaries first set foot here.At present there are 180 members and approximately 175 worshipers are present on any Sunday for the worship. The Sunday school and Bible study are regular features on any Sunday.

Address :
Hendala Baptist Church
No: 35 ,Kerawalapitiya Road
Hendala - Wattala 11300

Tel : +94 0112932643
e-mail : Use form below.

Hendala Baptist Church

Hendala Baptist Church - baptisum

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